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Women’s Safety

Migrant and refugee women in Australia are often impacted by multiple forms of systemic and structural disadvantage and inequality that further affect their safety experiences in Australia. Developing adequate safety responses and protection systems requires deepening our knowledge of the safety experiences and perspectives of this diverse cohort. 

Harmony Alliance consults with migrant and refugee women to better understand their experiences and issues impacting them and provide informed policy advice and evidence to relevant Government Departments. 

The Alliance also works closely with research partners to develop research that captures the diversity of migrant and refugee women and offers a nuanced understanding that can be translated into tailored efforts to improve their safety in Australia. 

Migrant and Refugee Women in Australia: The Safety and Security Study

Authors: Harmony Alliance, Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre, Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre

This report draws on survey responses from 1392 migrant and refugee women across Australia. It offers a unique snapshot of a sample of women from across Australia who were willing to share their experiences with us. It also offers key insights to build a more nuanced understanding of the diversity of migrant and refugee women’s experiences and its findings can be used to inform policy and other measures that may best support migrant and refugee women into the future.


Prevention of Dowry Abuse

Dowry abuse is a form of domestic and family violence that includes abuse related to the giving of gifts by one family to another before, during and after a marriage.

The Harmony Alliance and The AustralAsian Centre for Human Rights & Health have collaborated to raise awareness on this issue. We have developed digital resources that are available for communities and service providers who may work with victims of dowry abuse. These resources, including eye-catching social media tiles and engaging animations, are available in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Sinhalese, and Telugu.

Dowry Abuse Animations

Social Media Tiles