How to become a member

Members must fall within one of the following categories: 

Organisational members representing migrant and refugee women 

  • Demonstrate that the principal purpose and activity of the organisation is to represent a migrant and refugee women’s group(s); and 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to representation of women from a migrant and/or refugee background in the organisation membership and/or governance. 

Organisational members working for the advancement and inclusion of migrant and refugee women 

  • Demonstrate a significant commitment by the organisation to support the wellbeing of migrant and refugee women and advancing their social, economic and cultural participation. 

Individual members

  • Identify** as women* from a migrant or refugee background;
  • Be 18 years and over;
  • Demonstrate that they share the Harmony Alliance’s aims of promoting the rights, voice and participation of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds in Australia; and 
  • Not serve as a primary representative of an Alliance organisational member.

*Including self-identifying women and non-binary people.

** The Harmony Alliance does not seek to place limitations around what such an identity means. As a guide, it is expected that a woman from a migrant or refugee background would see a migration story as a large part of their identity. They do not need to have migrated themselves – this migration story could belong to their parents or their grandparents but should nonetheless form a large part of their identity, including how they see and portray themselves day-to-day.

Become a member today!

To become a member, eligible organisations and individuals are requested to download, complete and return the application form to the Secretariat at:
The Social Policy Group
46 Jardine Street
Kingston ACT 2604

The Secretariat will confirm receipt of the application via email. The Alliance Council considers applications for Alliance membership at Council meetings held approximately once every quarter. You will be notified of the outcome of your application after the next scheduled Council meeting.

Download membership application form below:

Individual Application Form

Organisation Application Form