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Women’s Leadership

We apply a strong gender lens across the breadth of Harmony Alliance’s work and provide a significant focus on the empowerment of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds to participate fully and effectively in social, economic, cultural, civil and political life

Financial Literacy for Women

Free eLearning course!

This is a free e-learning resource designed to help migrant and refugee women manage their money while living in Australia. The course takes you through different steps of handling finances, including setting up a bank account, making payments, earning an income and saving for your retirement. One of the most important things to know about managing money is how to create a budget to track your spending and saving. This course gives you the tools and information to help you make a budget as well as tips for managing finances with your partner or family. As a woman, learning about your finances will help to ensure you understand your rights and the impact of any financial decisions you make.

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Migrant and Refugee Women's Leadership in Community Wellbeing: COVID-19, Health Promotion and Prevention

Free eLearning Course

SPG has developed an e-learning course – Migrant and Refugee Women’s Leadership in Community Wellbeing: COVID-19, Health Promotion and Prevention — that is designed to provide migrant and refugee women with the knowledge, skills and tools to lead COVID-19 prevention initiatives in their communities, as well as engage in broader health promotion and prevention.

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Intersectionality for public policy leaders

Paid eLearning course

SPG and Harmony Alliance recognise that intersectionality is so much more than promoting diversity and addressing inequality; it is a framework for consciously inclusive and reflexive public policy design. We developed an e-leaning course for executive leaders across social and economic public policy to enhance their ability to design intersectional policies with a view to achieving equitable outcomes for stakeholders in all their diversity.

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